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SL 1
Host lojze.lugos.si
Class IN
TTL 1800
Target aloysius.ijs.si
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domain: lugos.si
registrar: Hehe d.o.o.
registrar-url: http://www.hehe.si/
nameserver: fo.lugos.si (
nameserver: wet.kiss.si (
nameserver: ns1.hehe.si (,2a02:840:1:1000::162)
nameserver: ns2.hehe.si (,2a02:d68:501:1:8000:c001:c0ff:ee)
registrant: G88289
status: ok
created: 1997-04-08
expire: 2018-06-06
source: ARNES

Domain holder:


% Full domain details are available here https://www.registry.si

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